Story 8

Just a short rendition of a very bizarre trip I had on the shores of lake Pokara in Nepal. Myself and two friends rented a canoe and planned to eat shrooms. My partners decided to refrain so I did as I probably shouldn't have, which was to eat their's as well so as not to waste. Upon the far shore of the lake, I climbed up a hill to a spot on the edge of a forest overlooking the lake. I spread out a blanket I had brought and just sat enjoying the sunshine writing into my travel journal. The mushrooms began to kick in. I kept writing until I began to feel that every nuance of every letter had it's own special significance. At that point the act of writing itself became a hindrance to the flow of the trip. Just trying to write what I was thinking was to disruptive to my thought process. The trip kept gaining intensity and I began to hear a faint buzz of what I distinctly felt was some sort of conversation that was going on between three or four "beings" on some other plane above me within my head. The conversation was nothing compehensible to me but I still was able to discern the flow of a conversation. I began to think to myself a question, it was "Why can I never truly let go or maybe why don't "you" allow me to let go completely" (of control of myself, of my conciousness). At that moment I felt that I was close to being able to just fly away (in spirit). A voice then came into my head . It was a masculine fairly deep voice, as clear as if someone were standing right next to me. In fact I looked around to see if anyone was there. It said "but we let you go every night". Now, I have never ever heard a voice either before or since. It was a not the "voice" of myself thinking but something completely other to me. The trip continued with utter brilliance as music drifted over from temples on the other side of the lake, and huge magnificant butterflies emerged from the forest to stop in mid air before me. The trip lasted most of the day and I was perfectly content to just stay where I was. My friends would canoe by periodically just to check on me but obviously I was fine. I really didn't appreciate the significance of the voice until the next day as I mused over my trip. It was startling to realize how true the statement was. It was even more so, because it was a thought that had never crossed my concious mind before. I must say that I have relished my sleeping and dreaming time with a new appreciation ever since.